The best way to combat terror? Through laughter, of course. And when these shorts aren’t scaring you silly via women-trolling zombies, body-swapping spirits, madcap slashers, and killer classroom appliances, they’ll leave your sides split.

The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds, dir. Anthony Cousins (USA)

For the kids at Camp Nawgonamakit, the legend of the demented Squirt Reynolds has always seemed like nothing more than a myth. They thought wrong.

Hair Wolf, dir. Mariama Diallo (USA)

For the staff of a black hair salon, the enemy is new and truly frightening: white women looking to re-appropriate black culture as their own.

Attack of the Potato Clock, dirs. Victoria Lopez, Ji Young Na (USA)

In this blast of animated fun, a deceased clock reanimates itself with the sole purpose of bringing hell down upon a mean old lunch lady.

My Monster, dir. Izzy Lee (USA)

As if Lily’s boyfriend’s frustrating aloofness wasn’t enough to ruin her Christmas, along comes a holiday ghoul to further complicate things.

Crying Bitch, dir. Reiki Tsuno (Japan)

Domestic cheaters never prosper. Just ask the doomed husband of Satomi, a woman who’s not about to let her philandering husband get away with it.

Comeback Kid, dir. Ian Robertson (United Kingdom)

Hugh is just your average 16-year-old kid: He has a girlfriend, he wants to sleep with his girlfriend’s mom, and he also has an urge to kill his girlfriend’s father.

Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre, dir. Ilja Rautsi (Finland)

If you thought a zombie outbreak was bad, wait until you’re faced with hordes of men who want to explain everything to one particular woman.

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Sunday, October 14

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