Covering the expansive scope of the genre from coming-of-age body horror to child-eating boogeymen, our annual local filmmaker showcase proves you don’t have to go far to find the future of horror. It’s right here at home—standing right next to you.

An Actor Prepares, dir. Carey Kight

For actors, rehearsal is a necessary evil.

The Trouble With One-Night Stands, dirs. A.K. Espada, Belén Ferrer

An uncomfortable one-night stand goes terribly wrong.

 Hushed, dir. Chase Kuertz

 A turbulent dinner with a dysfunctional family is interrupted by a surprise guest.

 El Cuco is Hungry, dir. Daniel Garcia

 Behave yourselves children or the Cuco is going to get you!

 Abeyance, dir. Charles Beale

 After a disastrous malfunction in deep space, a man is forced into a living nightmare.

 The Woods, dir. Robbie Lemieux

 A mother searches frantically for her young daughter in the nearby woods.

 Fell, dir. Holly Voges

 Two children tell a story over a campfire leading to supernatural revelations.

 Lucy’s Tale, dir. Chelsea Lupkin

 Already dealing with bullying and awkward young love, Lucy now has to contend with telepathic powers and a strange new appendage. High school is rough.

 4:48 Psychosis, dir. Ariel Sinelnikoff

 A young woman describes her unsettling recurring experience with sleep paralysis.

 Witch Hunt, dirs. Conor Shillen, Justin Paul Ramirez

 What was supposed to be a weekend of fun for a group of friends is cut short by a dormant ancient evil.

 Midnight Delivery, dir. Nathan Crooker

 Mysterious gifts delivered at the stroke of midnight are just too damn tempting to open.

 The Invaders, dir. Mateo Márquez

 A terrified Muslim girl is pursued by an unrelenting malevolent force.

10/13 – IFP Made In NY Media Center
10/14 – Wythe Hotel Cinema

10/13 – 4:00PM
10/14 – 8:15PM

85 Min