What better way to punctuate BHFF’s first year than by inviting New York City to screening the craziest Brooklyn horror movie ever made? Initially made to cash in on THE EXORCIST’s popularity, Michael Winner’s 1977 horror gem THE SENTINEL has justifiably earned serious cult-classic cred over the last three decades—it’s easy to see why. The plot, about a mentally disturbed fashion model (Cristina Raines) who moves into a Brooklyn brownstone that doubles as the Gates of Hell, is secondary to THE SENTINEL’s demented imagery, including a surreal-as-hell dinner party attended by a cat wearing a birthday hat and a controversial climax featuring dozens of real-life deformed people playing Satan’s minions. If you’ve never seen this twisted masterwork, here’s the perfect chance to catch up with one of the most insane horror flicks of the 1970s. Screening hosted by Syndicated Theater following our closing night film.

Country: USA
Director: Michael Winner
Cast: Cristina Raines, Chris Sarandon, Ava Gardner, Burgess Meredith
Run Time: 92 Minutes

Syndicated Theater


October 16, 2016

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