All Paul (Johnny Galecki, THEN BIG BANG THEORY) needs is a little away time to figure his life out, so he signs up for a spiritual retreat overseen by an oddball named Ken Roberts (Oliver Platt). Hoping to get over a recent heartbreak, Paul goes along with Ken’s strange routines, not the least insane of which have to do with a small army of cute yet destructive little monsters that would make those GREMLINS creatures blush. Going for black comedy with tinges of creature-feature playfulness, writer-director Bobby Miller makes his feature debut with this delightfully weird look at how people’s inner demons can get the best of them. Aided by a strong supporting cast, including Anna Friel (PUSHING DAISIES) and the great Angelica Huston, THE MASTER CLEANSE blurs the line between hilarity and repulsion with sharp precision.
Director/Screenwriter: Bobby Miller
Producer: Jordan Horowitz, Aaron L. Gilbert, Johnny Galecki, Gary Gilbert, Margot Hand, Jason Cloth, Alan Simpson, John Raymonds
Cinematography: Michael Fimognari
Year: 2016
Length: 80 Minutes
Country: USA
Language: English

About the Director

Bobby graduated Columbia University’s Graduate MFA Film program in 2009. His short film TUB world premiered at Sundance in 2010 and has played over 50 festivals around the world. He’s also been prolific on the web, writing & directing (and sometimes starring in) videos for Buzzfeed, MTV, SoulPancake, Frederator Studios, and Google. “The Master Cleanse” world premiered at SXSW 2016 and is his first feature film.

Premiere Status
NY Premiere



October 15, 2016