Johnny Butler & Dani Mari have united to create a series of songs inspired by Dario Argento’s movie trilogy about three witches called The Three Mothers (Le Tre madri), (Suspiria, Inferno, Mother of Tears).  Johnny Butler combines sultry saxophone and other woodwind instrument melodies with Dani Mari’s haunting witchy vocals. With the help of Todd Reynolds (Steve Reich, Bang on a Can) on violin, Rose Rutledge on flute, and Will Hanza on mandolin and acoustic guitar, the result is eerily akin to an otherworldly chamber orchestra.

Preceding our opening night film, Johnny and Dani will perform the full trilogy, starting with music videos of SIGHS (directed by Crystal Clear Waters), DARKNESS (directed by Arielle Apfel) and concluding with the WORLD PREMIERE of their latest music video TEARS, directed by Richard Bates, all music will be performed live.

Premiere Status
World Premiere

Wythe Hotel Screening Room


October 14, 2016