There’s no messing around here—it’s time to go straight for the jugular. Sleep will be scarce thanks to the sadists, human-eating fairies, shape-shifting demons, and faith-based reapers that inhabit these shorts.

Milk, dir. Santiago Manghini (Canada)

Unable to sleep, a little boy goes to the kitchen for a glass of milk. If only he’d known that his sleepwalking mother would be there.

Welcome to Bushwick, dir. Henry Jinings (USA)

What better way to cap off a great first date than by going back to her place? What could possibly go wrong?

Special Day, dir. Teal Greyhavens (USA)

Some birthday celebrations are a bit unconventional. Others, like the one given to this teenage girl, are pure hell.

BEC, dir. Tony Morales (Spain)

Alone in her house, an old woman can’t shake the feeling that there’s something else there with her, possibly the dreaded Black-Eyed Child.

Salt, dir. Rob Savage (United Kingdom)

In order to protect her dying child, a mother must use the only line of defense possible against a demonic force: rings of salt.

Mother Rabbit, dir. Emma Skoog (Sweden)

As a child, Yiva had a special bond with her mom—who happened to dress like a rabbit. Now, as an adult, Yiva’s special connection to Mother Rabbit is ready to fully manifest itself.

Nose Nose Nose EYES!, dir. Jiwon Moon (South Korea)

A little girl unwittingly walks in on her parents’, to put it lightly, unusual behind-closed-doors activity.

The Girl in the Snow, dir. Dennis Ledergerber (Switzerland)

A foley artist’s job isn’t as mundane as you may think.

Feast on the Young, dir. Katia Mancuso (Australia)

Mina and her little sister, Alice, are dealing with a lot at home. To help their anxieties, Mina brings Alice to the woods to find a fairy. It’s a bad idea.


Wythe Hotel Cinema


Saturday, October 13

80 Min