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  • IFP
  • October 19, 2019
  • Saturday, 5:50PM to 7:30PM

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  • $16 General Admission
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Saturday, 5:50PM to 7:30PM
October 19, 2019




Saturday, 5:50PM to 7:30PM
October 19, 2019


For those with patience, the rewards are unforgettably horrifying in this group of longer, more meticulous scare products that tap into deadly family traditions, unique vampire lore, urban legends and more.

Other Side of the Box, dir. Caleb J. Phillips (USA)

Just as they’re ready to call it a night, a couple receives a box from an old friend. What’s inside will make them wish they’d never opened it.

Grief, dir. Brock Bodell, Daniel R. Perry (USA)

Struggling to cope with the recent death of their son, a husband and wife cross paths with a stranger whose enigmatic motives trigger the worst kind of mourning.

The Burden, dir. Nico Van den Brink (Netherlands)

While visiting her boyfriend’s childhood home, a woman slowly uncovers something terrifying about his family’s history.

Suicide by Sunlight, dir. Nikyata Jusu (USA)

In a world where vampires can walk around in daylight, the undead Valentina tries to refrain from her blood-sucking desires in order to regain custody of her children.

The Boogeywoman, dir. Erica Scoggins (USA)

Confused and scared by her first period, a teenage girl seeks distraction by having her friends explain the local urban legend known as the “Boogeywoman.”